NetNavi Customization Sheet:


Navi Gender Type(Circle One):                  Male                      Female

Navi Name (It is recommended that you use one word that most describes your Navi. If it is a Male Navi Man is commonly added after the word):__________________________________________________

Navi Element(This Is optional, Circle one):            Fire                        Watr.                     Wood                    Elec.

Navi Sub element(This Is optional, Circle one):     Sword                    Break                     Cursor                   Wind

Navi Specialties(These are the Main Types of Chips your Navi Commonly Uses, Circle One):

Fire                        Watr.                     Wood                    Elec.                       Sword                   Break                                   

Cursor                   Wind                      Recov.                  Invis.                      Bonus                    Crack

Summon                Aura/Barrier          Null

Navi Class(This is the Most Likely Position your Navi Would Take on a team of Seven regarding all the above information, Circle One):  

                                                  Leader            Operator            Defender            Rogue
                                                              Striker             Calculator             Healer


Navi Stats(This is the Place Where you customize Your Navi’s Stats):

Max Health:___________________________________________



Charge:______________________________________________                             (Please Make These Stats Realistic)